Introduction ⚡️
What is Buck?
Buck is a free, open-source and lightweight cli tool used by developers to group multiple terminal commands into one 🖤. Starting a new project, installing packages , executing, updating and deploying it requires you to run multiple terminal commands -
>> mkdir myUnicornApp
>> cd myUnicornApp
>> git init
>> touch index.html
>> ls
Depending on your use case, this can range from a few commands to several commands which can be overwhelming and it distracts us from actually building the next big thing 🚀.
Especially if you are like me and you just want to show your parents that you are actually doing something with your life 🙁, so you make a new startup every week , running these commands over and over again for your new projects is pretty inefficient and it goes against a rule we elite programmers swear by :
Do not repeat yourself. DRY ❌
Buck solves this problem by allowing you group multiple commands once into buckets and you can run them with a custom keyword of your choice. 🔥
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Getting Started

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